Alida (masteralida) wrote,

This, that, and then some

The journey to becoming less formal continues :)

I have been slowly opening up and relaxing, far more than I ever did before. I've always been so very rigid in my interactions with people, but I'm learning how to let go of all of that, little by little. I still do a small bow many most times when I meet someone, but even that is something I'm learning how to stop (long story that involves my first job and years of other training!). Between that and the life I led from 18 - 38, I have always been hyper-conscious of my interactions with other people.

That needs to end!

It has, here and there. Of course, there were martinis involved, but it worked! Eventually, I hope to get to the point where I won't need a dirty martini or two to just be myself. Not sure "myself" is someone anyone wants to get to know, but it is who I am and, well, you'll need to get used to her eventually ;)

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